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We meet you where you are" "Take you where God wants you to be" "and take you
to where you want to go" "connecting people to thier purpose & vision/dreams
​I have something special about me and my pma and my hearts passion to help entrepreneurs find their vision & purpose and dream business and turn them into reality by developing a Chicago business strategy. My creativity is infectious and I have the soul and spirit of entrepreneurship. Seen plenty of first time and new start-up entrepreneurs stall at the starting gate because of doubt. So I created a step by step plan how to turn fear and doubt on their heads and get rid of head trash and transform them into a source of inspiration and success. Consulting with a Chicago life coach is about personal growth about bringing your vision to life and always pushing yourself to take it further and take it to the next level. Learning how to re-think, constantly changing your mind-set from the mind-set that keeps entrepreneurs from realizing that  vision is the first step then purpose freeing yourself from negativity /self sabotage and going after your dreams. We will unlock and awake the power and the gift of God hidden inside you. Giving you clarity, results, certainty, confidence, transformation, passion and belief and then manifestation. In with a dream and out with a plan.

To book Charles for your next event, or for Chicago business consulting, call the number below. Web www.universallifepurpose.com Email Charles@UniversalLifepurpose.com cell 708-829-1039 our vision to build the world’s most dynamic network and community of business growth groups for entrepreneurs & new start-ups. To help a million entrepreneurs create new business or reposition old ones. And align them with their life purpose and business purpose while building a deeper self-awareness so they can authentically lead and make a difference in the world.

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