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​ Most people when they hear the word coach think of an athletic or sports coach.  In the last 10 years coaching has evolved and is no longer limited to the sports arena, but has made its way into people's professional and personal and now spiritual lives.  Now, coaching is like having a personal trainer and mentor for Every area of your life.  The techniques of coaching have also involved, but the foundation of coaching is still the same.
That is to see people reach their highest potential and their purpose for living. a coach is a guide with a flashlight to eliuminate ​ your path and a compass to keep you pointed in the right positive direction.       Coaching is a collaborative, one-on-one, confidential, ongoing process, where the client is guided by the coach to make better decisions, look at alternatives to current choices, identify tolerations and barriers/roadblocks, each beyond their feelings ​ of limitations and focus better to achieve their goals, and to develop an  personal
 strategic action plan and life plan and then a business plan.
Coaching is client -centered and driven and coach-supported as well as higher power centered and driven and spirited supported.  It's a dual powered process.  The coaching process helps the client identify their authentic self, their true hopes and desires, mind-set along with all goals work in harmony.  It allows for the uniqueness of individuals and their values to flow smoothly within a goal frame work.  Coaching focuses on the present and desired outcomes of goals in the future.  It helps people expand their visions, build their confidence, their lives Coaching stoimulates vision and moves people forward into their future. It helps people expand their visions, build their confidence, all of their potential, increased as skills, and take practical steps toward their goals. What are you passionate about?  What goals do you want to achieve? ​ what dreams do you have? What changes do you want to make in your life?  A life coach can help you bring those very things to fruition.  Coaching uses goals and action steps to move people to what their desired destination.  Coaching is a relationship built on trust and accountability.  A coach is a true friend and confidant who cares he or she pushes you to think, stretch yourself, take responsibility for your life and get done what you know you need to get done.  It's a collaboration between client and coach.  Coaching relies upon two primary skills, to gather information which helped the individual analyze and solve their own challenges.  The two skills are asking questions and listening.  Now christian life coaching inspires the client to seek the lord's will and timing in their life while keeping Christ at the center of their life and alignning their life with god's plan.  This requires a Christian coach to be most familiar with Biblical principles and new testament teachings of Christ.  The Christian coach works with the holy spirit and uses their coaching tools and gifts and talents to to assist the client and finding their purpose an achieving their goals and uses prayer in addition to traditional Coaching tools to assist in removal of all obstacles presented by the enemy.

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