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We meet you where you are" "Take you where God wants you to be" "and take you
to where you want to go" "connecting people to thier purpose & vision/dreams
​UNIVERSAL LIFE PURPOSE DISCOVERY PROCESS. Knowing god's purpose for your life is one of the most important parts of your puzzle of life that you can discover. It’s so important that I spent months (and thousands of dollars) and read everything I could get my hands on trying to learn how to do this on a real, practical level. There are two major components to purpose: being and doing. 'Being' dictates your identity, "Who am I?" 'Doing' dictates what you've been designed to accomplish. Universal life purpose discovery process is a 4 week to 8 week program depending on where you are in life where you sort through 8 steps needs, identity/self discovery, passion, calling/assignment, values and personality assessment.the power for purpose/mindset, validation of the purpose/vision and test of the purpose and much more. This program is $399 and then from here we make the decision together on what business you should start or be in. also part of a group coaching program.

Our Chicago life coaches provide turnkey professional services from Christian & entrepreneur Life coaching to new-startup step by step consulting and counseling. We provide strategic coaching and professional development and problem solving solutions for small business owners, entrepreneurs and self-employed professionals and individual coaching. Whether you are starting a new business or expanding an existing one, we can help. Our specialty is Add/ADHD entrepreneur or just entrepreneur coaching and consulting which is our main niche. First we establish your purpose and vision, Than Business start-up is 2nd and then we go into mind-set and capital funding. We are a one stop shop for most entrepreneurs. We will build a success client path in our finding god’s kingdom within 6 months group coaching program awakening the power inside. It’s a $2,400 Group coaching program at $399 per month or we also have a 8 tier one year program with special projects, where we help write the business plan and project planning along with feasibility study.

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